Positive Abstention


Would you like to exercise your democratic right to vote even if you have no positive candidate preference?
Do you feel excluded by the current voting system?

Then Positive Abstention is for you

This campaign is to make sure that as many people as possible have the opportunity to make a positive vote in any elections. It is not to persuade those with a definite preference for one candidate to change their vote, but to give those without a preference a voice.

What we are doing:
• Sending a press release to the media to raise awareness of the issue
• Faxing or emailing to all MP’s from the recently dissolved parliament to get their views
• Contacting other representative organisations to canvass opinions
• Asking
YOU the voter for your views on Positive Abstention

What YOU can do:
• Talk to your friends and families about the issue of Positive Abstention
Fax or email your MP to express your views